This is Cate Blanchett's anti-aging beauty secret (recipe included)

'Mrs. America' actress, Cate Blanchett is known for her beautiful and seemingly ageless porcelain skin. Check this all-natural beauty treatment she makes all by herself!

Cate Blanchett's secret to making her skin look younger is an old homemade scrub. The benefits of exfoliation can improve the efficacy of topical treatments. If you exfoliate your skin before applying a cream, it will be able to penetrate more deeply instead. 

Homemade scrub to exfoliate
Cate Blanchett leads the cast in HBO's 'Mrs. America' and Netflix's 'Stateless'. To keep her skin clear and glowy, Cate uses a homemade face scrub loaded with age-fighting ingredients. 

Take a look to this glorious mask
This mask only requires three things: olive oil, grapefruit juice, and sea salt. Cate raved about the mixture, saying, “Olive and macadamia oils are really good for your complexion. Put one of them on in the shower and they make your skin zing.”


Stop the signs of aging
Grapefruit juice is rich in antioxidants that promote oxidation of skin cells and encourage cell renewal, helping to fight signs of skin aging. It’s also rich in vitamin C which is found in so many beauty products as it’s known for encouraging bright, healthy skin. 

Glowy skin is the new black
Look, olive oil is nourishing to the skin as they provide moisture, while the sea salt acts as a gentle exfoliant to shed dead skin.


- 2 tablespoons olive oil,
- The juice from a quarter slice of a grapefruit
- ½ cup fine sea salt in a small bowl. 

Recipe: the mixture should form a slightly-gritty paste. Apply to the face in the shower, rubbing gently to remove any dead skin. Try a test patch of your mixture on your skin before applying to your face. You should feel your face clean and glowy.

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