This beauty tip from Cate Blanchett will make you happy. Photo: Giorgio Armani Campaign This beauty tip from Cate Blanchett will make you happy. Photo: Giorgio Armani Campaign

This beauty tip from Cate Blanchett will make you happy

Cate Blanchett takes care of her skin and her hair, and it is always radiant. Her secret to staying perfect over the years will make you smile.

The actress and current Armani Beauty Global Ambassador is a beauty icon, not only because of how she looks but also because of the way she sees things. As a jury at the Venice Film Festival, she stood out for her always elegant looks. We know what it is that makes Cate Blanchett always look young.

The shades that highlight your features
Cate's preferred foundation is one of the lightest on the market: Luminous Silk by Armani. In her eyes and lips, she always chooses light and pink tones that bring light without hardening her features.

Always light: soft makeup
Cate prefers to walk lightly through life, wear light makeup that highlights her features but it is not heavy. She doesn't like overly framed eye makeup and dense foundation.

The best skincare secret
The secret of skincare, according to Cate, is "to be in love." There is no product or routine that makes you look more radiant than love. However, the basics for your skin are: use sunscreen daily, eat healthily, drink plenty of water, and get plenty of rest.

Secrets of life
At age 51, Cate Blanchett defines happiness as finding joy in the little things. For her, a perfect plan is to get up in the morning and not have appointments or obligations. She feels that each day should be a new adventure. Happiness is spending time with your family and enjoying a conversation.

Even better now than before
This is Cate's mantra, to look and feel good. Therefore, her beauty routine is minimalist, without any products or many steps. A routine that can be maintained over time and it isn't difficult to follow.

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