These four benefits of gua sha on the skin will change your beauty routine

Now, your beauty routine will have a new ally: Gua Sha. We tell you everything you need to know about it so you can start using it!

Skincare routines have a new protagonist. We are talking about Gua sha, the facial massager that has come to revolutionize skincare.

Surely, in recent months you have heard a lot about it and, maybe even you have seen it countless times wondering what it is! Because let's face it, it's heavily featured on social media, and its tremendous effectiveness has everything to do with it. These are the four main benefits of using Gua Sha:

In any of these massages, you can also use the concave or sunken side of the gua sha to complement your anti-sagging routine.

To tone the forehead

Using the heart-shape the side of the heart, place the gua sha at the beginning of the eyebrow, slide only the top part towards the temple. It is important that you start with little pressure and gradually increase the force until you reach the end of the eyebrow.

To tone the jaw

Adjust the heart-shaped side of the gua sha to your jaw and slide from chin to ear 5 times. Change sides, repeat, and finish by passing the concave part of the gua sha, again from the chin towards the ear, but now below the cheeks.

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To tone the cheekbones

Place the heart end of the gua sha at the corners of the nose and slide outward, following the shape of the bone that leads to the cheekbone. Repeat 3 times per side and don't forget to do it after your creams or oils.

To tone the neck

Slide the convex side of the gua sha to massage from the jaw to the end of the neck 3 times and then use the concave side to move in the opposite direction, that is, from below the neck to the jaw, 5 times.

Gua Sha full face massage

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