These are the mistakes you are making when applying foundation

Maybe you always apply the foundation the same way, and you haven't realized that you are doing it wrong. Avoid these mistakes and you will make the most of your foundation!

Using the foundation daily does not make us realize that the way we apply it may not be the best. Applying your makeup correctly will make you look fresh and young. The wrong choice of foundation and its application can cause problems. 

1. Choose a light foundation
If you are going to use makeup daily, opt for a lighter foundation (in texture, not shade) that makes you look natural like a BB Cream, and you will avoid it cracking at the end of the day.

If you have dry skin, choose a liquid, stick, or hydrating powder foundation.

2. You should not spread the same amount all over the face
Forst of all, it's not necessary to apply foundation all over the face, but only the areas where color needs to be unified. If you decide to use foundation all over, apply it in thin layers. Less is more here. The thinner the layers, the more natural your skin will look. 

3. Get good coverage
 Try to focus your application on areas that need more coverage. You don't have to use the same amount of makeup all over your face. You can put more foundation only in the areas that you need and less where you don't. Unless absolutely necessary, go for lighter coverage for daily use. 

A light coverage foundation is correct.

4. Covering the redness
To cover any redness, apply 2-3 layers of foundation to cover that area. Thin the foundation out on the rest of the face to get a more natural look. 

5. Don't place a foundation on expression lines
And another important detail: it is normal for makeup to accumulate in wrinkles and fine lines, especially in the area around the lips. Apply very thin layers of foundation on areas around the mouth, eyes, and forehead and avoid the use of powders.

How To Pick The Right Shade Of Foundation - Makeup Basics - Glamrs

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