These are the 3 best essential oils for your cuticles These are the 3 best essential oils for your cuticles

These are the 3 best essential oils for your cuticles

If you want a perfect manicure, you should also take care of your cuticles and hydrate them. Let's know which oils you need to have!

For the manicure to look perfect, we must keep our cuticles well hydrated. Poorly cared for cuticles completely damage the manicure and in the same way, prevent the natural growth of the nails; That is why this time we recommend the best essential oils available to soften your cuticles. Let's see!

Massaging almond oil into your nails and cuticles will protect your nails. Photo: Getty

1. Jojoba oil
Jojoba is the main ingredient in this oil. Its unique properties include a molecular structure almost identical to that of your skin. Penetrates cuticles and nails to hydrate.

Its moisturizing properties give you longer and stronger nails, maintaining their health and natural hydration. Take care of your cuticles and keep them hydrated.

Jojoba oil is one of the most effective oils used for nail conditioning purposes.

2. Almond oil
It's excellent oil that softens and conditions your cuticles, nails, and also the skin, you just have to apply a drop on your nails. By using this oil regularly, your cuticle, nails, and the skin of your hands remain healthy, hydrated, and strong. Before each manicure massage your nails, you can also apply it every night to enhance its effects.

3. Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is wonderful for the health of cracked and stiff cuticles and nails. Provides you with extra nutrition with vitamin E to strengthen your nails. Additionally, it fights broad-spectrum bacterial, fungal, and viral growth and kills a wide range of germs from the skin and nails.

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