These are January Jones hair secrets

The actress follows an unbelievably simple hair routine.  

January Jones or Betty Draper (oops!) takes these very simple hair habits to stay always stunning. 

No frequent washes
January isn't washing her hair every day. So she uses hair products meant to keep your locks feeling fresh between washes. And when she washes, uses a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo to keep hair feeling clean for longer stretches of time.

Moisturizer for fine hair
January has very fine hair so she tries to use a moisturizer twice a week after shampoo. She leaves it on for as long as she can. When she hydrates her hair, needing to wash it less as often. 

Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
January reaches for the product when she needs extra assistance between washes. Dry shampoo can go a long way toward creating volume, but January still counts another volumizing mist among her go-to's. 

Always different hair length
She's always changing her mind regarding her haircut and length, which not only keeps her looking fresh but keeps her strands healthy and bouncy thanks to the regular trims.

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