These are Emily DiDonato's simple skincare tips for gorgeous-looking skin

Emily DiDonato, the American supermodel with a gorgeous porcelain face. She used her YouTube channel to share some skincare tricks.

Emily DiDonato is a YouTube sensation. On her channel, she shares stories about working in fashion, as well as beauty and wellness tips. Let's see all her secrets for staying hydrated and glowing.

If you want a glowy skin, always choose a serum
Emily chooses this product first in her skincare routine. A repairing serum with vitamin C for her skin regenerates her face and promotes the cell renewal process. This serum brightens her skin, reduces redness, and overall has evened out her skin tone. 

Makeup remover? Just grapeseeds oil 
To Emily,  oil cleansers are a great way to gently cleanse stubborn makeup. Sometimes she just uses a pure grape-seed oil, it leaves her skin feeling clean and moisturized. 

Moisturizer, the most loved product
Emily takes care of her skin with moisturizer, this is the most important step and she never skips. It has a thick texture and is jam-packed with rejuvenating ingredients, which is perfect for dry, winter skin. Night and day: just moisturizing. 

Cleanse it all off
Emily uses a one-step cleanser, starts with it and tends to take off all of her makeup and kind of dirt from the day which she likes. 

Nighttime skincare
If there's one favorite product that Emily always takes with her when she travels, it's Retinol. She uses a retinol cream and an all-natural rosehip oil every night to diminish the look of lines, sun damage, and wrinkles.

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