Curly hair? This is what argan oil can do for you!

Those of us who have curly hair know how difficult it is to keep it healthy, hydrated, and strong. Thankfully, Mother Nature has taken care of that. 

Argan oil is also known as desert gold, because it is extracted cold, has a light golden color and its smell is hardly noticeable.

There are so many factors that cause enormous damage to curly hair such as the heat of the dryer or the dyes, not to mention the hair-straightener! Today we tell you the benefits of Argan oil to have gorgeous curly hair.

The benefits of argan oil on curly hair are plentiful. Photo: Shutterstock

Why is curly hair special and what does it need?
One thing is for sure, and that is that curly hair needs extra hydration to stay flexible, shiny, and smooth. If it is also fine and brittle, the care must be more rigorous to achieve a mane full of health and vitality.

The benefits of Argan oil
Argan oil is well known for its wonderful unique properties for hair restoration and care. The essential fatty acids (oleic acid 45% and linoleic acid 35%) that it contains, together with vitamins E and F, are essential to strengthen and regenerate the hair fiber. Our body is unable to synthesize these elements by itself, so Argan oil is a natural alternative to help hair fill with vitality.

Curly hair can dry out and frizz easily, but fortunately, Argan oil can fix it.

Sunscreen hair-mask

Argan oil also acts as a protector against some of the external factors that we expose our hair to, such as sun heat and rays, swimming pools' chlorine, and salty seawater.

Argan oil hair mask

When it comes to curly hair, argan oil is a major key.

You can use it before bathing, placing a few drops on the scalp and massaging gently. To use as a hydrating mask, you can apply a few drops to your hand and apply from the middle to the ends, letting the curls pass between your fingers. Repeat until all your hair is covered. Let it act for 30 minutes and then wash as usual.

You can also add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner to use during the week.

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