The easiest anti-aging facial yoga exercises you should do every day for glowing skin

The easiest anti-aging facial yoga exercises you should do every day for glowing skin

With these simple but effective facial yoga exercises, you'll get your face looking more toned and defined, in just a few minutes a day.

Facial yoga has become a simple routine to practice, releasing stress and strengthening or relaxing all the muscles of the face. With only 10 minutes a day, you will release tension and strengthen the 57 muscles of your face, improving your appearance, and minimizing lines.

By practicing these exercises for just 10 minutes a day, you will notice the difference in weeks. You can start with 3 minutes of facial exercises a day and increase them. Here we explain everything so you can get started!

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Thanks to these exercises you will tone the muscles of your face, improve the appearance of your skin, minimize expression lines, and also release the tension you may not even notice you're holding, especially along the jawline. 

Stress is the number one cause of the appearance of wrinkles and dull skin, so you will have to be consistent and dedicate a couple of minutes daily to relaxing your mind and face. You do not need the help of any tools such as quartz gua sha or the facial roller, so incredibly popular recently. All you need is a mirror, your hands, and a little time.

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The most recommended is that you do the yoga exercises indicated for the face before going to sleep, after carrying out your facial routine.


The neck area is the first to denote the signs of age. To lift and tone the muscles in this area, follow this routine. Facing forward, turn your head to the right until it is aligned with your right shoulder. In this position, tilt your head back and hold it for 6 to 8 seconds. Return to the starting position and do the same movement to the left side. Repeat three times.

Neck stretch

Jowls and chin

Sit upright, with your chin pointed toward the ceiling until you can feel a very slight stretch in the neck muscles. Make a chewing motion with your jaw about 15- 20 times.

Smile lines

Erase those smile lines with this simple exercise: first of all, it is really important to keep smiling and laughing! not only it is good for your mental health, but it is also a great exercise to develop your cheek muscles. That being said, you can still tackle those smile lines by breaking down the tension from the inside with the help of your tongue!

Starting from your nose, where the line is deeper, tick your tongue inside your mouth and make a tiny circle on the labial line. Make 5 circles clockwise and 5 circles counterclockwise.

Face yoga can complement your skincare routine to get even better results!

Eye circles and crow's feet

Face yoga can absolutely help with this problematic area. Start off this exercise by relaxing your shoulders and your back. Point your chin down to your chest and make an oval with your mouth. At the same time, look upward with just the eyes, it's really important to not move your head! You should feel a real stretch on your undereye area. Hold for 3 seconds and then tuck your upper lip inside your mouth, making an "ahh" face. Repeat this exercise only once a day and no more!

The lip plumper

Face yoga can not only improve your skin, but it can also make your lips look fuller! Start by gently tilting your head backward, chin up, pucker your lips tightly and push forward. Hold this pose for 10 seconds before releasing. This is an excellent exercise to get rid of fine lip lines and the lines on the corner of your mouth. Repeat 5 times.

Cheek sculptor

If you want to plump your cheeks, there is a perfect exercise for that, too. Purse your lips together and smile the same way you do when applying blush. Place your fingers on both sides of your mouth, right under the apples of your cheek. Slide your fingers upwards as if trying to lift your cheeks. Repeat this exercise 8 times to achieve an amazing rejuvenated and youthful glow!


Finish your facial training session with this relaxing exercise. Gently tap your fingertips all over your face (this stimulates circulation). Then, rub the palms of your hands together until they are warm and place them over your closed eyes. Follow with deep breaths and relax all the muscles in your face.

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