The Beauty and the Bees: Benefits of honey for the skin

The Beauty and the Bees: Benefits of honey for the skin

While people use honey to sweeten food and drinks, it also has some therapeutic value for the skin. You don't believe me? Here we tell you about the benefits of bee honey for the skin.

There is a growing body of evidence supporting the use of honey as a remedy for many skin conditions. Many products available over the counter, such as lip salves, after-sun creams, and lotions, contain varying amounts of honey.

Beauty and the bees honey // Photo by Icons 5 Team

Benefits of honey for skincare

Beauty and the bees honey // Photo by Neil Baichoo

How to use it?

  1. Before using the honey on your skin, it is important to do a test. A person should apply a small amount of honey to a small area of skin and wait at least 20 minutes. If the skin is irritated, the honey should not be used.
  2. After cleaning the skin with soap and water, a person can apply the honey to the face or other skin areas. After leaving the honey on the skin for a few minutes, they can rinse it off.

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