Take a look at this incredible Emma Roberts skincare routine

To have great skin and always look chameleonic, sleeping is more important than working out she said.  Read on.

Emma Stone has an impressive wellness routine. She wakes up really early, meditates and works with crystals. As for keeping her glowing face, she prefers not to wear makeup and tries to let her skin breathe.

Skincare product junkie
Emma confesses that her bathroom is full of products. 

Always a beauty fan
When she was 12, on weekend school trips, her mom would always pack her face wash and moisturizer, and she did a skincare routine, mimicking her mother. 

Body care
Her one and only go-to product, sweet almond oil to moisturize her body skin. In the morning, she puts on her skin a few drops of almond oil and does some dry brushing. 

Sunscreen and eye cream
She's obsessed with beauty tips, and she's obsessed with products. The eye cream for night and day are her must-haves. 

To have a mate skin, Emma uses an oil control mattifying  SPF 15 that makeup goes really smoothly over it. Not a fan of eyeliner or bright lipsticksduring the day, Emma opts for a more natural look (using organic and natural brands), a concealer and a clear brow gel as well as an eyelash curler. She will then apply a lip and cheek tint.

Cleanser and beauty oil
She uses a cleansing oil to remove all her makeup at the end of the day and follows-up with the rest of her routine.

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