Swimwear for each body type. Find the best option for you

It's getting hot: A guide to Swimwear for each body type

Now that spring is here and summer is closer, shopping for swimwear is not always an easy task for women. We often feel insecure and exposed. There’s no need to hide, just learn how to find the right option for you.

It might not be easy to feel confident about our bodies, and when learning to accept ourselves we have to take baby steps. Here's a complete guide to choosing swimwear that compliments your body type.

1. Women with wide hips

Women with wide hips

You want to avoid briefs that are wide at the waist because they will make you look wider. You can also attract attention to your upper body by using neutral colours for the briefs and brighter colours for the bra.

2. Women with narrow hips

2. Women with narrow hips

You should choose wide briefs or triangles, but low at the waist to avoid changing the shape of your body.

3. Women with wide shoulders

3. Women with wide shoulders

You should avoid V-shaped swimsuits. A better choice is a strapless top or one that has very thin straps (either for a swimsuit or a bikini).

4. Women with a large bust

Every woman wants to feel confident about her body

You need a bra that offers you support. The ones with strong straps are the best. You should avoid thin straps that leave marks on your skin.

5. Women with a small bust

You can wear strapless bras or push-ups, you don’t need the support but you want to highlight the shape of your body.

Triangle bras are also a very suitable choice.

6. Women with a belly

A swimsuit for each type of body

The best choice is a high-waisted brief that will give you support. You can also choose to wear a one-piece swimsuit or a tankini to cover a bit more skin.

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