Sun and makeup: friends or foes?

Sun and makeup: Friends or foes?

If you are going to sunbathe and want to leave your makeup on, you should know how beneficial it can be for your face. Let's find out!

Sun and makeup can be allies or enemies. If in summer, we choose to expose ourselves to the sun with makeup for aesthetic reasons, either to cover acne, dark circles or simply to look more beautiful, we must know if this will not be harmful to our face in time.

However, this can be harmful to the skin. Doctors always say that mixing makeup with the sun, even if you use a UV protector, is not appropriate. They are intimate enemies! We will explain a bit more.

1. Always wear sunscreen

Remember: Makeup doesn't protect your skin from the sun!

First of all, it's essential to expose yourself to the sun with sunscreens since UVA and UVB rays are very harmful to the skin. They can cause severe burns, skin blemishes, premature aging, or skin cancer.

2. If you wear makeup, opt for a very light one

Sometimes, SPF in your BB cream is the only source of sun protection you use. 

Although it's necessary to apply sunscreen all over the body, the skin on our face is more delicate and needs a little more care. Therefore, a BB Cream with sun protection can be the way to wear a beautiful color without damaging the skin.

3. Do not choose foundation or concealers

Do not choose foundation or concealers

Not only does makeup not protect our skin from the sun's rays, but also when we are exposed to the sun, the skin perspires and makeup not only clogs the pores but also creates a mixture along with perspiration that adheres to the skin. This can cause itching, allergies, and spots on the skin.

4. Do not mix makeup and sunscreen

It's also useless to apply sunscreen and put makeup on top of it since not only will the pores clog, but also an even tan will not be achieved.

Use SPF! It's important to keep your skin safe when you're out in the sun.

5. What makeup can be used?

Is there any makeup we can wear in summer? Of course, there is!. You can use lipstick or lip balm with sunscreen, mascara and waterproof eyeliner that do not affect the skin and give a touch of makeup to the face.

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