Stop! These 7 makeup and skincare mistakes make you look older!

Makeup was designed to enhance our beauty, not hide it. And definitely not make us look worse. Yet some common makeup mistakes can make you look much older. Learn how to avoid them.

It's okay, we all make mistakes with our makeup and skincare routine sometimes, but don't worry, here are the most common mistakes that make you look older. Take note.


Makeup can make or break your look

1. Don't choose the wrong foundation shade

Not only because you will look older, but because the difference between your neck and your face is not flattering. To choose the correct foundation, do not compare the tone of the foundation with that of your wrist, there may be variations, you should also try different tones to see which one best suits your skin color. Make sure you try the foundation on an area near your neck, along the jawline, and check it out in natural light. Store lights are not the best to correctly assess the color. Consider having two shades, for the winter and summer months as skin shade tends to be darker in the summer. 

Assess the colors that best suit you

2. Beware of the concealer

The concealer can be your ally or become your worst enemy. When applying it to the contour of the eye you must be careful and blend it well. Otherwise, it will get between the small folds of the skin and highlight the expression lines making you look older. You may want to have several concealers to best match your skin tone by mixing them. 

Wearing the wrong foundation shade to applying too much of a product is a makeup mistake. 

3. Use the bronzer cautiously

The bronzer can give you a fresh look on your face by highlighting areas and providing beautiful color. To avoid a makeup mistake, apply little by little until you see the desired effect. Never leave obvious bronzer marks on your face, blend it out well enough for it to look natural.

Make sure you use the right bronzer and highlighter

4. Don't overdo the highlighter

We all love it, but going heavy on the highlighter can make your skin look unhealthy, oily, and just plain weird. Highlighter should be applied sparingly, on the brow bone, bridge of your nose, corners of your eyes, your cupid's bow, and the cheekbones. Use a separate brush for highlighter or use your foundation brush, but not blush or bronzer as that will affect the shade. 

5. Don't go to sleep without first removing your makeup

Sleeping with makeup is one of the worst beauty mistakes you can make. Think about the following, the dermis sucks in makeup particles and dirt, so sleeping in makeup is like applying a harmful mask for more than six hours! Convinced? 

Try not to choose the wrong makeup strategies on occasion!

6. Apply your skincare products just before sleeping

If you like to sleep on your side or your stomach, this habit can make you throw a good amount of money into the trash without seeing any effect. Rubbing your skin against the pillowcase can remove the product you just applied, minimizing its effect. It is best to use your skin creams and serums an hour before bed, this way they will be completely absorbed.

7. Be thorough and consistent

Red lipstick is all you need

Just like with diet and exercise, skincare (and makeup) should be part of your daily routine. Keywords: daily. Applying a moisturizer every once in a while or an occasional mask will not make much difference. Do this daily and you will see the results. The same goes for makeup. Don't skip steps. If you have little time to apply makeup, use fewer products but do so thoroughly. There's nothing worse than a badly applied concealer. If you have only 2 minutes, opt for tinted sunscreen and red lipstick.

Tina Reese

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