Spring hairstyles that you have to try!

Spring hairstyles that you have to try: simple and stylish in a blink

Spring is here and is high time we spiced up our hairdos –here are 4 simple hairstyles you can use for inspiration to glow!

It is always nice to change our hairdos, just as makeup, different hairstyles allow us to change our look every day and play a different character according to our mood or to match our daily outfit.

You can always start by prepping your hair with some natural hair masks for a little shine and hydration boost. Here is what we propose!

1. Pin it back with some flower clips

You can also clip one pin on each side of your hair for a more balanced look.

Spring is all about flowers and colors, for a natural look, pin one side of your hair back with one or two hair clips to add a pop of color.

2. Topknots


One of the easiest and most comfortable hairdos is top knots, you can add a hairband or scarf on top of your hair to give you a super cool look.

3. Bandanas


To focus attention on your face, wear a scarf as a bandana –it is super comfortable!

4. Upside-down bandana

Upside-down bandana

If you are having a bad hair day, hide your hair with an upside-down bandana and prepare to rock your day!

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