Sophie Turner skincare tips to have a porcelain face. Photo: Getty Images Sophie Turner skincare tips to have a porcelain face. Photo: Getty Images

Sophie Turner's skincare tips to have a porcelain face

Sophie aka Sansa has one of the finest faces on TV. Let's see how Sophie takes care of her skin.

Everyone is talking about Sophie Turner since her baby was recently born and that was big news. When it comes to skincare,  Sophie said that her routine is pretty simple: cleansing, eye cream, and nighttime drops to prevent acne. Let's know how she does to have amazing skin. 

Sophie's morning routine starts with micellar water and a creamy face wash. Her secret for not-too-squeaky clean skin is the micellar water of your choice and a cleanser. So she follows up with a toner. 

Sunscreen is a must
She wears sunscreen every day regardless of where she goes. Sophie uses factor 50 sunscreen every day and she has skin like a baby. It’s just porcelain and amazing.

A mystery cream 
Sophie Turner’s skincare routine is a combination of moisturizer and something of a mystery cream she says purchased in Italy that totally changed her life. When her skin is breaking out,  she just uses it on her face and calms her skin down. The cream has a hypoallergenic emollient that works by building a skin barrier back up, the key to healthy skin.

Cucumber Gel Mask 
In the evenings, she uses a cucumber gel mask that she puts in a fridge, and then it’s so nice and refreshing. She uses it every night and leaves it on overnight to hydrate her skin.

A healthy diet 
Her skin comes from a healthy diet: she eats well and drinks lots of water. For food, she tries to opt for lean protein, healthy fats, and healthy carbs.

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