Smudge-free: how to apply liquid lipstick to make it last all day long

Smudge-free: how to apply liquid lipstick to make it last all day long

A good lipstick should stay on all day and should be spotless so you can feel confident that your look is ok. Learn the tips and tricks to make yours last all day.

Say goodbye to the stains in liquid lipstick

Liquid lipstick has become a recent trend and is now one of the essentials of every beauty routine. The downside is that it doesn't seem to last long at all. But that's about to change, follow these 5 steps to apply so that your liquid lipstick lasts all day.

Smudge-free: how to apply liquid lipstick to make it last all day long

Prep your lips

For the perfect application of these lipsticks, it is very important to have moisturized lips. For that, a good balm is key. Apply it at least 5 minutes before the lipstick to let it moisturize your lips well. 

Take off the excess of shine

Remove excess with a tissue!

Remove any extra shine from your lip balm with a tissue or a blotting paper. This will leave the color but remove the extra product that so easily transfers to your glass or drinking bottle. 

Line the lips

Line the lips!

It’s very important to carefully outline the lips with a lip pencil. “So, this is step one of any lip look, and so is framing the cupid’s bow. It is probably the most prominent part of someone’s mouth and probably the most beautiful, in my opinion,” explains Katie Jane Hughes, celebrity and editorial makeup artist.

For an extra long-lasting look, apply lip pencil all over your lips to create a stain under your lipstick. 

Apply correctly

Lips purse

Apply lipstick not starting at edges (as you would do with the pencil). Start applying close to where the lips purse or where your mouth opens, it’s going to make it easier to keep tweaking toward the lip edge.

Did you accidentally put lipstick on your chin?

The most common mistake of all...To fix it you simply take a brush and some face cream and pass it over your face, where you accidentally passed the lipstick. This is a very effective home trick that many makeup artists use.

A good lipstick can totally change your day, don’t forget to apply it with these tips so you can get the best look!

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