Smelly armpits: which are the causes and how to treat them Smelly armpits: which are the causes and how to treat them

Smelly armpits: which are the causes and how to treat them

For many people, smelly armpits have become a headache. It can lead to discomfort and insecurity, especially if it occurs frequently. Keep on reading to discover what to do.

Unlike the belief that sweat has a bad odor, it has not. The glands present in our body release sweat to cool down the organism or when experiencing some stressful situations. However, the fluid is odorless. Then, why do we smell bad?

Sweat begins to smell when bacteria present on the skin start to break it down. Foods, drinks, and some medication can also contribute to the appearance of odor. Besides, there are people that tend to sweat more than others. 

There are people that sweat more than others.

The first step to reduce unwanted odors is to keep correct hygiene daily and also after doing exercise. If this is not enough, you can check if the products you are using are accurate or you can change them for others which have better results. 

Using deodorant can help too, but it can take some time until you discover which is the best option for you. Besides, you can also consider that in some cases, there can be an underlying medical condition. Botox is also used to treat hyperhidrosis.

A correct hygiene is essential.

Another option is to wear loose-fitting and breathable fabrics. For example, cotton or linen. Besides, there are studies that associate the decrease of odor with shaving or waxing because, in this way, cleaning is more effective.

If none of these tips shows positive effects on smelly armpits, you can consider consulting a doctor for professional results and more accurate treatments.

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