Skincare steps you should never skip, even when staying at home

Skincare steps you should never skip, even when staying at home

Staying at home during lockdown doesn’t mean you have to forget about your skincare routine! Even if you probably won’t see as many people in person as before, taking good care of your skin goes beyond your appearance. To maintain healthy skin, there are some steps you must keep following. Read on to discover which these are!

Now that people are spending a big portion of their day, if not all of it, at home, some might tend to think that there’s no need to continue their skincare routines anymore. This couldn’t be less true! Keeping constant and regular good care of your body is essential for its health, and your skin is no exception. Here are some tips to take into account while you stay at home, in order to preserve your skincare routine and its effects.

Always use a moisturizer

Moisturizing the skin is a step that often goes forgotten. Even if you feel like the cold and dry weather can’t reach your skin when you’re at home, using a moisturizer is always a good idea. This product helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and also works to keep your skin’s texture soft, on top of fighting the effects of dry skin.

Are you hydrating?

Moisturizing your skin and keeping your body hydrated isn’t mutually exclusive. Staying hydrated will not only positively impact your whole body, as water is necessary to carry out most key activities, but it’ll also have good and visible results on your skin. You’ll notice a brighter and healthier look afterward, promise!

When following your skincare routine during the lockdown, it’s still important to never forget to wash your face

Wash your face!

You may have neglected this step in your usual skincare routine under the belief that staying inside your house means that your face will be dirt- and residue-free. However, there are various ways that these elements can still reach your skin; just think about everything you touch with your hands before raising them to adjust your face mask or contact your face in any other way. Washing your face at night is still a great idea, even while staying at home!

For a good facial cleanse, the standard routine begins by washing your hands and splashing some warm water on your face. Then, a facial cleanser will be your greatest ally: simply rub it on your face with gentle circular movements. After a minute or so, rinse it with warm water and dry your face with a towel, using soft pats. The skin is naturally repaired at night, which is why leaving it clean before going to sleep is the best choice.

For better skincare during the lockdown, make sure you’re staying hydrated every day.

Don’t forget to exfoliate

Again, there are certainly many people whose daily skincare routine has skipped the exfoliating step during the lockdown. Staying at home doesn’t mean that debris and dead skin cells won’t accumulate on your face, which is why exfoliation should still be a priority in your life.

This step will help remove the buildup on your skin, whether it’s debris, dead surface skin cells, excessive moisture, or other residues. If these elements stay on the skin, you’ll increase your risk of experiencing breakouts caused by clogged pores. Keep a regular and gentle exfoliating routine to prevent this!

Exfoliating will give you a refreshed look, so don’t skip this step even if you’re staying at home!

Sunscreen is still important!

Leaving the house just to run a few errands doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to wear sunscreen, but neglecting this skincare step is a big no-no! Even though people usually think using sunscreen is only needed when going to the beach, dermatologists recommend wearing it every day. If it’s SPF 30 or more, it’ll help protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

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