Skincare-related properties of coconut oil (with homemade skincare recipe!)

Coconut oil has many beneficial properties and different uses, both when consumed and when applied to the skin. Learn which are this oil’s properties that can positively impact your skin, and make the most of them with this easy-to-prepare skincare recipe to include in your skincare routine. You’ll only need two ingredients and the benefits will be very much worth it!

Coconut oil has many uses, especially regarding your skincare routine. Not only does it contribute to the skin cells’ healing processes, but it also keeps the humidity of the skin, helps to soften it, and carries many other beneficial properties. Keep on reading to learn more about this great ingredient and the benefits it can bring to your skincare routine!

Coconut oil has been proven to have many benefits for your skin, both regarding its looks and health. It's highly effective when it comes to locking in the skin the humectants received from other moisturizers or serums, which is why coconut oil is a great final step to apply over your skin after your regular skincare routine.

Coconut oil can be used in many ways to take care of your skin.

There are also claims that coconut oil is great to treat and combat acne. The acids it contains could be the key reasons for its soothing and anti-microbial properties, which can, in turn, reduce inflammation and risks of acne-causing bacteria. However, there are some skin types for which coconut oil can be too heavy and can clog facial pores. Essentially, it depends on your skin, but it's worth keeping this in mind!

This oil works very well as a cleanser and dirt, oil, and makeup remover. It can help you achieve a thorough double-cleansing: just use it first to break the dirt and oils on your face down and follow it with a gentle facial cleanser to wipe these molecules away. This process can help your skin breathe properly, without pore-clogging risks.

Coconut oil has many benefits for your skin, including moisturizing, cleansing, and anti-acne properties.

If you were looking for a natural makeup remover, coconut oil can be up for the job. Its structure allows it to easily be able to bind itself to regular and waterproof makeup formulas. This property will make them easier to wipe off your face, without the need for strong chemicals.

Although there’s no magic formula containing coconut oil, there are many creams and skin treatments with this ingredient that can bring several benefits to your skin. For example, it helps attenuate scars thanks to its high fatty acids and micronutrients contents. Besides, it hydrates and helps to keep collagen and elastin in your skin.

If you want to give this skincare ingredient a try, you can start with a homemade treatment! It’s very easy to make and apply, and you can store it to use whenever you’re in need. You can have your homemade mixture with coconut oil in a few steps. For this, you’ll need: 

Try this homemade coconut oil and cocoa butter treatment for your skin!


Start by melt the ingredients in a bain-marie. This process includes setting a heated pot of water over the burner and, inside, putting another heat-resistant container with the coconut oil and cocoa butter. This way, they’ll melt without being in direct contact with the heat. When liquefied, mix them together with a wooden spoon. Get the mixture out of the heat and place it in a little jar. Wait until it solidifies, then store it to apply it over scars, marks, and blemishes. Repeat the application twice a day for the best results!

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