Skincare routine: a DIY face wash recipe for everyone

Skincare routine: a DIY face wash recipe for every skin type

Self-care is important, and you can now do it yourself!

Taking care of yourself is mandatory and one way of doing it is simply washing your face. This may envelop you with a sense of calm and well-being.

When you use a natural DIY face wash, you are going to feel even better because you can pick the right ingredients for you and your skin type. These recipes are also made without a foaming agent, so they're naturally gentle on every skin.
Here are the formulas for a DIY face wash for all skin types: acne-prone, oily, dry, combination, and balanced, with tips to make yourself feel really good.

Here's what you need to make your own face wash


For the base, you are going to need:

To make a DIY face wash with a gel base, you’ll need a basic soap. "It's more challenging to make gel completely from scratch that has efficacy," explains Alexia Wambua, founder of the clean beauty brand Native Atlas. "It needs binders." If you prefer some milky texture, add yogurt till you reach it, if you need to thicken the base, add more honey.

Depending on your skin type, blend-in one of these:

Depending on your skin type, you can add different ingredients

Acneic Skin Add-In

Charcoal is great for acneic skin. "Buy it in capsule form and break it to mix into your DIY face wash," says Wambua, as charcoal acts like a magnet for bacteria.

Oily Skin Add-In 

For oily skin, apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil works really well for "boosting the antimicrobial power" of the DIY face wash while soaking up excess oil.

Dry Skin Add-In 

Aloe is coming to the rescue as a natural humectant that can add moisture to dry skin, according to Wambua.

Combination Skin Add-In 

Turmeric is another hero as it's "filled with antioxidants, is brightening, and decreases inflammation," says Wambua, which makes this ingredient ideal for combination skin. 

Balanced Skin Add-In 

A rose toning mist can be incorporated into the face wash, as it keeps skin naturally plump.

Extra Tip for Washing with DIY Face Wash

First, it is important to remove makeup using an "appropriate makeup remover such as wipes, micellar water, cleansing oils, or milk. Then start massaging the skin with gentle circular motions."

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