Skincare lessons from Penelope Cruz's and Kate Bosworth's naturopath

Nowadays many celebrities decide to have their skin tended by a naturopathic doctor. What is this specialist’s job? Here we share what you need to know about naturopathy and some lessons from a famous doctor

Dr. Nigma Talib, a world-renowned naturopathic doctor that tends many celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Penelope Cruz explains 3 skincare lessons to keep in mind. But first, let's see in detail what these specialists do. 

Naturopaths determine the root cause of your skin concerns

What is Naturopathy?

A naturopath is a health practitioner who applies natural therapies. This specialty focuses on some habits like fasting, nutrition, water, and exercise and also treats health problems with approved natural healing practices such as Homeopathy, Acupuncture, and Herbal Medicine. 

What is naturopathy's job? 

Dr. Talib explains that her job is to examine the body at a cellular level and determine the root cause of your skin concerns including wrinkles, dark-under eye bags, acne, and red, puffy cheeks.

Naturopath's job is to examine the body at a cellular level

Now that we have explained these concepts, let’s see the top three tips Dr. Talib preaches to her clients:

1) Everlasting youth should not be your beauty goal

Many people tend to think of skincare just to feel beautiful and look young. But Dr. Talib focuses on something different from her clients: “Instead the focus has shifted to beauty at every age. Each cycle of your life comes with a unique beauty that needs to be celebrated and projected as positively as possible. Nutrition, lifestyle, and gut health are the first subjects that get addressed in my patient’s ‘beauty’ paths.” she says.

2) Your anti-aging regime starts in your gut

In her book, Younger Skin Starts In The Gut, Dr. Talib explains that by looking at her clients’ faces, she can tell what foods are aging their skin and need to be eliminated from their diet. Incredible, isn't it? Consequently, she divides her clients in the following way:

A naturopath can tell what foods are aging your skin and need to be eliminated from your diet.

3) Use science-driven skin care treatments

According to Talib, hyaluronic acid is good for keeping the skin hydrated and as we age it becomes more important to use topically in a serum or moisturizer. Moreover, to supplement a good-skin diet she also provides her clients non-intrusive topical treatments at her clinics around the world.

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