Skincare: how dermatologists treat mask-ne

With the current situation, using masks is necessary. But with them, a new problem has appeared: mask-ne. Discover how to treat mask-ne according to dermatologists

What is mask-ne?

Mask-ne is the kind of acne caused by wearing a face covering that traps oil, sweat, and bacteria beneath it. If you experienced this type of acne, you are not alone, even dermatologists have experienced mask-ne, so they share how they treat it. 

Mask-ne is the kind of acne caused by wearing a face mask

The famous dermatologist Sandra Lee explained how a mask can affect your skin: “People experience breakouts or irritation where their skin comes into contact with an object repetitively. Wearing a mask for a long period of time promotes occlusion, or the clogging of the pores with dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil.”

What to do to treat mask-ne 

Avoid using too much makeup

To prevent mask-ne, Lee tries to avoid wearing makeup or using heavy topical products on the lower half of her face.“No one will see that area when you are wearing your mask and wearing less makeup/products means that your mask will get less dirty, and this will minimize the risk of breakouts,” she says.

To prevent mask-ne, you should avoid wearing makeup on the lower half of her face

Using an exfoliating cleanser

Many dermatologists recommend using an exfoliating cleanser twice a day and a prescription of retinoid every night to gently exfoliate the skin and prevent clogged pores. It is also important to wash the face once you arrive at home after using the mask.

Applying a thicker moisturizer at night

An excellent acne-fighting ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, but it is essential to speak to a professional in order to check that you are not allergic to this ingredient. In addition, to get rid of that annoying acne, you should use a gentle gel or creamy cleanser, topical retinoid, and a thicker face moisturizer at night.

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