Skincare basics: all you need to know about men's skincare

Are men and women creams the same? What´s better for men? Here are some tips for those who like grooming.

Cosmetics has long ceased to be an exclusive territory for women. 20 years ago, the percentage of men who paid attention to skincare was very low. That figure is very different now and we could say that almost half of the male population admits to having their own beauty kit. Much more information, a wider range of options, and, above all, more interest from customers are to blame for this market transformation. Men have understood that the skin is an organ that must be cared for, cleaned, and protected, so they spend much more time on it and invest in higher quality products.

What you need to know about men's skincare

Cosmetics that men should include in their toiletry bag
It is clear that the sector is experiencing a critical moment and that gender barriers are gradually being overcome, but the key to this evolution is in the formulas that finally offer what male consumers were demanding. The skin of a man and a woman is very different. Man's skin is usually thicker and stronger due to testosterone and is more likely to produce fat after puberty, which can increase the chances of acne for longer. In addition, men have a higher density of collagen, which helps them stay younger for longer.

Men´s skin is usually thicker and stronger due to testosterone and is more likely to produce fat after puberty, which can increase the chances of acne.

Cleansing gels, eye contours, and moisturizing creams are the three products that occupy a space on the bathroom shelves of most men, whose main objective is to reduce the effect of fatigue and eliminate the signs of a tired face. These basics have also been joined by those specifically for shaving or beard care, a growing concern that has led to the appearance of even ointments that offer fixation and care for that area, without counting on the recovery of a business like a barbershop that was almost in disuse and that today is experiencing a period of splendor. Because in the end, it is the level of demand of each dermis that sets the tone.

Men's skincare ingredients are not the same as women's

The essential thing is to analyze it thoroughly to know if it is the irregularity, dryness, or dilatation of the pores that must be treated. Men need to know their skin better. For example, if you are one of those who have oily skin, super moisturizing creams are not for you. If you are one of those who shave daily and use alcohol-based aftershave products, you are most likely causing your skin to be dry and red, it will have to be nourished.

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