Your skin might not be too sensitive, it could be just overloaded.

Skincare: How much is too much? Is your skin too sensitive, or simply overloaded?

Is there anything like taking too much care of your skin? Maybe you are applying too many products and you haven’t noticed. Here’s how to find out!

If you are a skincare addict –and if you are here, you probably are–, you’ve probably experienced every time a new product has launched that urge to go and grab as it promises a glowy, smooth complexion. But to your surprise, after a few weeks you end up noticing redness and dull skin, then you might be left thinking that your skin is sensitive, but in fact, according to experts, it is most likely that you’ve been overusing skincare products.

It is not necessary to overload your skin with too many products.

There are so many skincare products that we can’t blame you, but there are some things you need to take into consideration when you layer multiple products. For example, Retinol and acids can irritate when used together as they both exfoliate the skin, this may result in dry skin, redness, and sensitivity. When we get to this point, what do we do? We often use thicker lotions which in turn tend to clog the pores even more and make the general situation worse.

Retinol and acids can irritate when used together as they both exfoliate the skin

Unless you’ve been diagnosed with a special skin condition –i.e.: acne, eczema, or rosacea–, you shouldn’t need a complex skincare routine. Just a few products will do.

Must-have products:

You shouldn’t need a complex skincare routine unless you suffer from a skin condition.

If your skin is already overloaded, you can try putting your skincare routine aside for a few days and start introducing each product slowly.

Now that you know that taking care of your skin is not complicated or expensive, next time you are tempted to purchase a new product unnecessarily, remember that you might be actually causing damage to your skin!

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