Skin Care: This is Tracee Ellis Ross' daily routine for looking great

Tracee Ellis Ross has some tricks that she uses every day to take care of her skin and look always young.

At 47, the actress, model, and TV hostess keeps her skin fresh and beautiful.

"I like my skin better when it's clean and glowing, and that's because of the sleep, the moisture and the happiness.

Some of Tracee Ellis Ross' secrets are a diet of whole foods, plenty of rest, and proper hydration.

"I try all the beauty tools, toys, tricks, masks, rollers. I spend a lot of time doing that because I don't wear much makeup on camera... and they wake up my face and make me feel like the happiest, juiciest version of myself. I don't drink coffee, so those rollers are like my coffee.

She also uses the Retrouvé facial moisturizer that's another secret to great skin.

"Along with the four layers I've already put on, I'm going to do a top layer of Retrouvé Intensive. I just do a little squeeze; like, a little bit goes a long way. It's very moisturizing and a little bit oily and shiny, which I love. So I squeeze it everywhere. Look at how those cheeks are already coming out. Come on, who needs makeup?"

Tracee's nightly skincare routine also includes the work of removing makeup before going to sleep each day.

"To remove my makeup, I use the facial cotton, the squares. They don't have any edges, so nothing hurts the skin around my eyes."

Finally, another secret to taking care of your skin is to follow a healthy daily routine. "I think my biggest piece of advice, and I consider it part of my beauty routine, is to sleep, without a doubt. I get eight hours of real sleep."

The keys to caring for Tracee Ellis Ross are eight hours of sleep, plenty of water, and "as much laughter and family time as possible, and following my heart instead of my head.

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