Skin Care: Padma Lakshmi's big secret to looking young and beautiful at 49 Skin Care: Padma Lakshmi's big secret to looking young and beautiful at 49

Skin Care: Padma Lakshmi's big secret to looking young and beautiful at 49

The renowned actress, model, and TV presenter keeps her skin incredibly young at 49.

With her glowing skin, it's hard to believe that the Top Shelf host, cookbook author, and former model is almost 50.

She says her diet is responsible for her good skin and youthful appearance.

"I think the reason people don't believe I'm the age I am is because I always ate well in my 20s. What you eat shows up in your skin, in your hair, in your nails and in the whites of your eyes. And people don't realize that!"

However, Padma Lakshmi relies on exfoliating treatments for her skin. She uses Tracie Martyn's products.

 "Tracie also has an enzyme mask that is fantastic. In my job, I have to wear makeup every day for the TV, so this absorbs everything. I'm really good at exfoliating; I exfoliate almost every day... in the shower."

The well-known TV presenter also uses a moisturizer for her face, also from the same brand.

"And then moisturizer depending on how I feel. I love Tracie Martyn's products, she has this face and body cream that is the bomb. It's a little expensive but it really works."

Another secret to keeping her skin young and fresh, she reminds us to never expose ourselves to the sun without protecting our skin.

"I never go in the sun without sunscreen and a hat."

Padma Lakshmi also has some natural secrets for taking care of her skin.

"The most important thing for the skin, and it doesn't cost much money, is honey. Just wash and clean your skin, remove all make-up, pat your skin dry and then spread the honey all over your face, avoiding the delicate eye area. And then you tap your face with your fingers, almost as if you were playing the piano on your skin. And what it does is remove the impurities from the pores without upsetting the pH balance. Honey is also antibacterial and antimicrobial. And then you just rinse your face.

Finally, she says the most important beauty advice is to try to reduce stress.

"I don't want to look like someone else, I just want to look like the best version of me, and most of that comes from your mental attitude and emotional well-being."

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