Simple tips to Refresh Yourself Naturally.

If the heat is coming and you think you can't take it, don't overdo it with the air conditioner. You can cool down naturally, like we've always done. Here you have a few simple tips for you to put into practice.

At the end of the day, common sense is one of the best alternatives to air conditioning. Regulating our body temperature is easier than you think, and we can do it naturally.

For centuries, mankind has been cooling itself without air conditioning: our bodies are made to adapt to environments and every culture does its own thing to achieve this.

How to refresh yourself naturally?

Running water through the back of our necks, the inside of our elbows, our armpits, our groins... is the best way to cool down. We can use wet cloths that, stored in the fridge or freezer, will always be ready to use. Another little trick is to put the sheets in the fridge for a while before going to sleep.

It is very important to look for an ecological way to cool down. By doing so, you will reduce you carbon fooprint, which can affect the environment negatively. 

In short: look for sustainable ways to stay refreshed, without creating more heat.

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