Sharon Stone posts a photo without makeup and she looks amazing

The renowned actress and model showed on social networks that she still has beautiful, natural skin.

Sharon Stone has incredible skin, she has always maintained healthy habits to look this incredible.

The actress caused a lot of impact on social networks with a photo of her face without makeup in which she looks with a splendid skin.

"Thanks so much for my happy haircut Adir! @hairbyadir"

The actress's photo reached more than 135,000 likes and thousands of comments from her fans.

On more than one occasion, the actress spoke out against cosmetic surgeries and interventions, as she believes that beauty is a constant that is maintained at any age.

"You have to look at yourself and know that as you age, your face changes. People are afraid of change: they think they are losing something and do not see that they are also gaining something else".

She maintains a natural beauty and an incredible skin that keeps her with good food and healthy habits.

"I don't know how many doctors tried to sell me a face lift. They even convinced me but in the end I looked at my pictures and thought about how it would look. I was close but frankly I believe the art of aging is also to be able to discover sensuality in supposed imperfections".

To be beautiful you don't have to have operations and Sharon Stone shows all her 100% natural beauty.

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