Shampoo bars: check out these amazing DIY recipes! Shampoo bars: check out these amazing DIY recipes!

Shampoo bars: check out these amazing DIY recipes!

These shampoo bars are ideal for treating some of the major problems your hair might encounter. 

In case you were wondering, the best part of a DIY shampoo bar is that you can tailor one that is absolutely specific to treat YOUR hair, as opposed to a generic problem-solving you might get in a store.

Shampoo bars can suit anyone

Gretchen Freise, a BosleyMD certified trichologist specializing in hair and scalp health, gave her opinion about shampoo bars. She believes that shampoo bars can be a great alternative to traditional shampoo as long as they are made with beneficial ingredients. She also said that bars are better for people with short hair, as it can be really hard to cleanse the scalp with a bar if there is a lot of hair to penetrate.

How to make your own shampoo bar

Using a shampoo bar is quite intuitive, but it has to be done right or, otherwise, it won’t be effective. First of all, you start by getting your hair really, really wet and then you wet the bar and rub it in your hands. When you created enough suds, you can apply the bar directly to your hair while massaging your scalp gently, but thoroughly. This process will ensure the cleanser actually reaches your scalp.

Here are 2 DIY recipes for you to try:

Check out this simple and effective DIY recipe for oily hair

Shampoo bar for oily hair

•    15 g Jojoba beads
•    20 g Carnauba Wax 
•    15 g Apple cider vinegar
•    10 g liquid Castile soap.
•    30 drops “pumpkin spice” blend essential oil: 5 cinnamon, 5 clove, 5 nutmeg, 5 ginger, 10 orange

Melt carnauba wax in a double boiler. Once melted, let cool slightly and add apple cider vinegar, jojoba beads, essential oils, and Castile soap. Stir completely until well integrated. Pour mixture into the soap mold of choice. Let solidify in the refrigerator.

Shampoo bar for sensitive scalps

Try out this bar for sensitive scalps

•    30g “soap-free cleansing bar” or mild baby soap 
•    2g babassu oil or coconut oil
•    15 drops Argan oil
•    10 drops of Essential oil
•    1 pinch dried herbs/flowers (optional)

Cut the soap bar into thirds. Finely grate a portion (approx. 30g) with the kitchen grater. If necessary, finely powder 1 knife tip of dried herbs/flowers in a mortar and then sieve. Mix both things and add oils. Put on protective gloves and knead: The waxes will melt in your hands and a malleable “dough” will form from the initial crumbs. Now press this mass firmly together and bring it into the desired shape with the palms of your hands or press it into a flexible muffin tin (or something similar).

The solid shampoo should mature for a few hours. It will harden and can be stored in a bowl in the bathroom. Shelf life: 12 months

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