shampoo bar, what are its advantages?

Shampoo bar, what are its advantages?

What is it about this new product that revolutionized the hair care industry.

Solid or bar shampoo may be a new discovery for which we grew up using bottled shampoo. However, special soap bars for washing hair were used extensively before the liquid emerged and became popular in the 1940s. For those who are not used to it, the concept may sound strange; however, it has many advantages.

The benefits of bar shampoo:

There are many reasons to switch to solid shampoo, from better hair quality to caring for the environment and saving a lot of money. We explain a little more in detail why it is appropriate.

Shampoo bars

Surely you have heard of the number of plastic soda bottles that are discarded each year and how it is impacting our beaches and our oceans. According to an article written for Forbes by Trevor Nace, a doctor of geology, we buy a million plastic bottles per minute, and 91% of that material is not recycled. Other disposable containers, such as shampoo containers, are also part of this.

Shampoo bars get rid of that problem as they come in cardboard boxes. The Chagrin Valley brand of soap bars calls liquid shampoo a "chemical soup" that, in addition to wreaking havoc on your scalp and hair, pollutes the water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, traces of pharmaceutical and personal care products have been found in almost all the water sources that have been analyzed.

What does the "chemical soup" of the liquid shampoo have? Preservatives, detergents, foaming agents, artificial fragrances and synthetic dyes, all products that come into contact with your scalp, irritating and dehydrating it. Many of these ingredients are related to allergic reactions. For this reason, shampoo bars are recommended for sensitive skin, since when applying the shampoo the scalp only comes into contact with the foam.

shampoo bars

By being more gentle with the scalp, you will notice that your hair gains strength and shine, and its fall stops. Many people also report a higher volume of their hair and more defined curls.

Shampoo bars are more concentrated than liquid (liquid is diluted in water) and allow you to use only what you need. It is believed to last about 80 washes longer than its liquid version. You'll find yourself saving a ton of money on personal care products.

The only care that must be taken so that the bars really last what they should be is to leave them in a soap dish that allows drainage, or somewhere where they will not accumulate water (the same as with soaps).

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