Self-care hack: make your own herbal bath soak in 3 simple steps

Fewer self-care rituals are more relaxing than a nice long bath. Light some candles, pour yourself a cup of tea (or may be even a glass of wine) and enjoy life's simple pleasures. And today we bring you a recipe for your own aromatic herbal bath soak. 

Boost you bath with this relaxing bath soak. Made with simple but effective ingredients, it will make your "me-time" even more enjoyable. 

A relaxing ritual

You will need:

Take time for yourself

What to do:

1. Combine the salt, rosehips, and chamomile flowers in the pouch (if using a cloth, just tie it up like you would a gift pouch).

2. Crash the contents with your hands or a rolling pin.

3. Tie the your pouch to the fawset and let the bath-water run over it. You can also leave it soaking in the bath.

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