Selena Gomez reveals her daily skincare routine to look radiant

The singer was part of the Beauty Secrets section of Vogue magazine and for this, she recorded herself revealing all the steps of her daily skincare routine.

Gomez has been awarded the title of beauty entrepreneur following the recent launch of the "Rare Beauty" make-up line. To mark the big debut, Selena shot a video for Vogue sharing her beauty and skincare routine.

Selena Gomez reveals her daily skincare routine // Photo of Instagram

The  28-year-old artist confesses that when she was younger, she didn't take care of her skin. She tells us that she has been working since she was seven years old, wearing makeup and stuff, but that she had never realized how important skincare was until a few years ago.

She continued saying: "Sure I've had acne, and it's usually all in the T zone." She also highlights that by taking care of your skin, you are taking care of your body, your mind, and soul.

Skincare routine

Selena Gomez reveals her daily skincare routine // Photo of Instagram

 This time, Selena Gomez takes the opportunity to show us a bit of her new vegan makeup line "Rare."

It is a very simple makeup. Which Selena uses both day and night.

  We highlight a charming phrase with which she closes the video "You are special- you are supposed to be who you are" -

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