Secret revealed: how to prevent hair loss. Photo: Getty Images Secret revealed: how to prevent hair loss. Photo: Getty Images

Secret revealed: how to prevent hair loss

If you have noticed that you lose your hair every time you wash it, you should look at what you are doing wrong. Pay attention to these tips.

Have you ever been shocked by the amount of hair in your brush? You don't have to worry too much either, as we all lose hair from time to time. Let's see what you are doing wrong.

Common triggers of hair loss are hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency, or stress.

Excess chemicals in your hair
If you are using sulfate and silicone shampoos, excess chemical treatments, ammonia dyes, formalin masks, or constant heat on your hair, this can weaken and make your hair more brittle.

Peace of mind is the key
Stress contributes to hair loss and lack of growth. This happens because the body and energy are busy responding to other functions of your body and your hair goes to another plane.

Discover why you might be seeing less hair on your head.

Don't forget about vitamins
Vitamins from the B and C family are essential to prevent hair loss. Vitamin C helps build collagen, which is essential for producing new hair cells. Biotin fortifies and increases hair growth.

Minerals are very necessary
Both silicon, iron, and zinc are key to preventing hair loss. These minerals are responsible for fortifying the hair, repairing, and restoring shine.

Don't eat ultra-processed foods
If the activities overwhelm you and you cannot take care of your meals, do not opt for unhealthy options and processed and unhealthy foods. Your body needs additional nutrients to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Hair loss can be worrying and stressful.

Choose foods rich in protein
Hair is made up of proteins so that it grows strong we must provide it with protein masks and a diet rich in these nutrients. There are many plant-based options like legumes, spinach, egg, tofu, and seeds that will add an extra shot of protein to your diet.

Healthy fats aren't bad
Fats help the body assimilate vitamins and therefore help hair growth and prevent hair loss.

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