Supermodel Lindsay Ellingson: This is all her beauty tricks. Photo: Victoria's Secret Campaign Supermodel Lindsay Ellingson: This is all her beauty tricks. Photo: Victoria's Secret Campaign

Secret revealed: Learn Supermodel Lindsay Ellingson's beauty tricks

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel knows how to care for her skin. Let's discover her beauty secrets.

Lindsay Ellingson has worked as a runway model for Victoria's Secret since she was 20. She was constantly battling breakouts, thanks to a non-stop travel schedule and all the makeup being applied to her face. Let's see what her beauty routine is about.

 It's all about a glowing skin
Lindsay has oily skin but doesn't use harsh cleansers and treatments. She visits her facialist for the best microcurrent treatment, which is like a workout for the face. So the secret is a glass of warm water with lemon every morning and a yoga session to stay radiant.

Believe it or not, Lindsay exfoliates her skin using a tool called the Dermaflash. She says it makes her makeup look so much better and baby-soft skin. After that, she uses a hydrating mask to calm and soothe any irritation.

Dry brushing and scrub
She loves how brush stimulates the lymphatic system and removes dead skin cells. For her skin, she uses a gentle sugar polish, because it’s gentler than other scrubs. So she lets the shower run for and when her skin is warm, she massages the scrub in circular motions for smooth skin. 

A CBD Serum
Tissue Repair Serum is enriched with CBD oil, a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient rich in antioxidants, which repair damaged skin. It became essential in Lindsay's beauty routine. 

Gold eye mask
The gold foil on the outside not only looks super luxurious, but it also works with the warmth of your body to retain heat. When your skin is warm, like when you step outside of a hot shower, it absorbs the maximum amount of serum.

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