Secret revealed: Does cutting your hair make it grow faster? Secret revealed: Does cutting your hair make it grow faster?

Secret revealed: Does cutting your hair make it grow faster?

If you want to unveil this mystery, we suggest you read the next lines. So you can give your hair the routine it deserves. Let's see!

If you want to cut your hair, it must be because you want to change your look. After all, hair does not grow faster or stronger by cutting it more often and we explain why this myth went viral.

Cutting the ends of your hair doesn't affect the follicles in your scalp.

1. First myth: the shorter the hair, the longer it grows
What actually happens is that the diameter of the hair is thicker when it is closer to the scalp, while at the ends its diameter is reduced. For this reason, cutting the hair produces an optical effect that gives the sensation of greater density.

2. Second myth: the more cuts, the more centimeters
Cutting hair is not going to make it grow faster or better. On average, hair grows one centimeter a month, which is around 12 centimeters a year, and what influences are age and genetics.

3. Third myth: drying hair with artifacts weakens it
It has always been recommended to let the hair air dry to avoid heat devices that damage the hair, but the reality is that leaving it wet is not much better, because when it is wet, it loses all its strength and resistance, which makes it more prone to fracture or have split ends.

Cutting your hair might not make it grow faster.

4. Fourth myth: cutting hair on a full moon accelerates growth
Cut it on full moon days because in this phase hair growth is stimulated. The influence of the moon on the tides is known, but no studies have shown that the lunar phases affect the growth or quality of the mane.

5. Fifth myth: If you remove one gray hair, they will grow seven later
And with gray hair, we come across other of the most popular beliefs, which are passed from generation to generation: the almost religious conviction that if you pull out one gray hair, you get seven. No, if you remove one hair, another will grow in its place, but only one. What does happen is that the appearance of gray hair is a continuous process, lasting between 3 and 5 years, in which the hair gradually loses its original color. Nothing else.

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