Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's routine for glowy skin

The model and actress makes a living from her complexion and makes sure to use effective products.

Rosie has the most glowing face you have ever seen. And her routine is all about the basics, Rosie keeps her routine truly simple (but effective).

Rosie's skin type
She always had a little bit of acne and oily skin, so she's always trying to keep in check and uses the right products to support that.

Cleansing routine 
At first, Rosie removes her eye makeup with a cotton pad with the makeup remover or micellar cleansing water and then she presses this into her eye and just kind of wiggle it back and forth, her eyes are very sensitive. And then, she puts a honey cleanser to add a lot of hydration and she let it warms up her skin so all of the amazing ingredients get a chance to sink into her face. 

Night-care treatment
At night she uses one product, in particular, a serum that changed her skin. It clears, brightens, and lifts her face. Before going to bed, she uses an eye cream, a really soft and very cooling product. 

To be hydrated is the best you can do for your skin
The best treatment for the skin is to drink a lot of water, says Rosie. Not only for her skin but for well-being, dealing with jet-lag and overall health.

Moisturizer all day long
When Rosie's skin gets dry, she applies a little bit of Hydra Serum, which is a gel-based moisturizer. Once her moisturizer has settled, she applies a  sunscreen SPF 30. A self-confessed lip balm fan, she tries different brands all the time. So she will finalize her routine with a new lip balm.

Anti-aging treatment 
To stay young, Rosie uses a retinol cream for fine lines, pores, acne, and scars, as it leaves the skin flawless. 

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