Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's favorite beauty secrets

Can a 33-year old woman be an actress, model, and fashion designer and also have a very specific beauty routine? Apparently so. This is certainly the case with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, one of Victoria´s Secret most celebrated faces. 

Rosie is a businesswoman, fashion designer, occasionally an actress, and has been the face of top-notch brands such as Victoria´s Secret and Burberry. And while doing all this she hasn´t forgotten to take care of her body and skin.

Through her Instagram account, Rosie shared some tips for her beauty routine. For her skin, Rosie uses two different creams, one in the morning and one for the night. During the day she chooses a very light moisturizer that hydrates the skin and makes it perfect for putting on makeup.

For her skin, she uses two different creams, one in the morning and one for the night.

At night, she uses a little thicker moisturizer to take full advantage of its hydrating properties at night. Both creams are non-comedogenic, which means that they do not block pores, something Huntington-Whiteley is very grateful for:

"I have noticed that my skin has radically improved both in texture and appearance," she says.

As for her body care routine, she has chosen something more elaborate than most women. She has next to the bed three different products that help her hydrate her skin: a relaxing body lotion, with a very soft lavender scent, another body lotion, and a firming oil.

For her lips, she uses a balm she had previously given to her son! No wonder she looks so young!

To keep her lips soft and hydrated Rosie uses a lip balm (from a very pure and non-toxic line for moms and babies) which she had already bought for her three-year-old son, Jack. This product is silky and soft and, it is also very simple to put it in a handbag and take it everywhere.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's skincare routine

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