Rihanna's skincare line for beautiful, glowing skin

There is no doubt that the singer Rihanna is one of the most beautiful and beloved women in the world. She maintains some healthy habits to achieve a beautiful and young skin.

Rihanna finally announced the launch of her skincare line, Fenty Skin.

"Skincare is the truth. It either works or it doesn't. There's nowhere to hide."

The 32-year-old singer has managed to look more beautiful every year. She is in her prime and shares some secrets with her Instagram fans.

"I try my best to be humble about this but, @fentyskin is coming July 31st exclusively at FENTYSKIN.COM! Y'all ain't hear it from me �� but you can shop it early if ya drop me your email through the link in my bio".

Rihanna shows in a video her usual skincare routine. She shows how she cleanses her face, applies a product to her face and then massages her face.

The singer anticipates the launch of medical and non-medical skincare products, soaps, body care and personal care products.

Source: British Vogue

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