Rihanna's simple but effective skincare routine Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna's simple but effective skincare routine

The Barbadian pop singer shares her beauty routine to stay radiant. Read on to find out how Rihanna glows every day!

After launching her new skincare line Fenty Skin, Rihanna wants to prove that you can do more with less: she proposed just three products for a complete skincare routine.

Without further ado, let's dive into her concept of skincare!

A very clean skin

RiRi has long been praised for her clear complexion, you'll be surprised to find out that her quick fix for glowy skin is staying away from alcohol and drinking lots of water –remember that alcohol dehydrates the skin. Also, she has been staying away from heavy, cakey makeup and tries not to be exposed to environmental toxins.

Skincare is the key

Rihanna is said to have been suffering from quarantine breakouts –her skin went through a little change. So to fight breakouts, she has to be consistent in her skin-care routine every day and notes how her face improved throughout quarantine.

All-natural skincare routine

She supports sustainable beauty, after all. So, she doesn't use any products on the market that contain preservatives to extend their shelf-life, she's trying out super green brands that use a compound produced by algae. 

She eats clean

Rihanna knows that to build up healthy skin you have to follow a clean diet, with green juices, a lot of water, and staying away from refined carbs and toxins. 

Bonus: she never goes out without sunscreen –and you shouldn't either!

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