Pride month: multi-colored nails are a favorite of celebrities

Pride month: multi-colored nails are a favorite of celebrities

Basic colours are losing their importance as the rainbow advances in all areas of fashion and beauty.

Kylie Jenner, Rosalia, Jennifer Lopez and Chiara Ferragni are some of the celebrities who dedicate the most effort to the maintenance of their nails. They rely daily on manicure professionals to show off the most eccentric and daring nail arts, inspiring their millions of followers with every creative proposal.

Pride Month has brought vibrant combinations of colors to the world of nail art. Creativity is the key to rock your nails!

(Images: Instagram)

1. Rainbow

This symbol of inclusion and diversity, which in turn merges with ideals of hope and optimism, revolutionized the beauty industry in the last months. Minimalist designs clash with more extravagant ones, whose common factor lies in the explosive presence of color.


2. Color spots

This option is easier to imitate at home, as it only consists of combining different colors as spots, tie-dye or gradient.

3. Other designs

Among other multicolored proposals, we highlight those that include miniature appliqués and jewellery, French nails and many options that only depend on what we have on hand.


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