2121 skincare trends

Prepare to be surprised by the 2021 skincare trends

The pandemic has changed the way we view most aspects of our lives, and skincare is no different. If you want to know what’s new in the beauty industry this is the place to be!

After being in front of screens most of last year, and people have turned to in-home treatments. While we cannot exactly predict what 2021 will have in store for us, we can actually say how your skincare routine is going to be like.

Chemical peels you can do at home

At-home treatments have flourished during 2021, for obvious reasons and as it is quite difficult to predict when and how long are cities going to be quarantined, we are going to be seen more skincare kits to use at home –chemical peels included.

Chemical peels you can do at home

Neck skincare

Another consequence brought about by the excessive exposure to cellphones and electronic devices is neck winkles. And on top of that, as more people see their faces so often on screens they what to lift and tighten their necks.

Neck skincare will be trendy.

Protection against blue light

As a lot of what we do nowadays has become virtual, we will still be exposed to blue light for more hours than we –or at least I–, would like to, it will be necessary to protect our skin against the damage of blue light.

As a lot of what we do nowadays has become virtual

Sustainable skincare

Beauty brands are trying to work towards a more sustainable business by using less packaging or using refillable packaging and they will be trying to optimize processes to reduce their carbon footprint. On the other hand, consumers are more environmentally conscious and they have already started using reusable makeup removers, bamboo toothbrushes and trying to steer towards greener beauty routines.

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