Olivia Palermo: the IT girl's skincare secrets

The unique IT girl reveals her skincare secrets to look always delicate.

Olivia Palermo has a shiny long hair, a fabulous glowing skin and always good looking and chic. 

Beauty routine
Her skincare is always the same and she swears by her own dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross skincare products. Olivia's favourites are a cleanser with toner and a hyaluronic moisture cushion. If she needs a very deep cleanse uses a beauty machine with face brushes which helps to clear out any dead cells and remove dirt.

Sheet masks 
Always has one if her skin needs some TLC. Whenever she needs an oxygen facial, which is great for boosting collagen, she uses a sheet mask. Otherwise, she gets a mask that gives an amazing glow and leaves skin really soft. 

Never gets tired
Olivia Palermo uses lavender oil when she feels tired. And when she can't stop, she drinks lemon-infused water or tea. But the energy came from working out especially when jet lag.

Night cleanse routine
It’s the most important thing for great skin, so at night she uses an anti aging serum with Retinol, Summer Knapweed y Apple Fruit and a beauty machine with face brushes. And she never forgets to remove her makeup. 

A warm shower
To wind down at night takes a hot shower with citrus- or bergamot-scented body wash gentle to the skin and gets moisturised and comfortable.

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