Oh no! These hair mistakes will make you look older

Remember, it is not the color of your hair that is wrong, it is how you style it, how you wear it, and how you hide it. Free hair always looks young. Let's see!

Has it ever happened to you that you asked your stylist to cut or color your hair and you came out angry because you felt older? This is very common because each face is special and not all faces fit the same haircuts. Let's see which mistakes are the most frequent when cutting or styling your hair!

Balayage can make a long face look more contoured and softer.

1. Choose solid colors

At a certain age, the idea is to opt for multi-tonal colors such as balayage. Multi-tonal colors will make you look younger. This color gives an idea of dimension, volume, layers and this effect gives the hair movement.

2. Opt for very straight cuts

You should choose haircuts that have a fall that give a frame to your face. A good idea is the lob cut that has a longer mane, slightly below the jawline in the front, layered. The subtle layer will frame the face, softening it and making it appear more youthful.

This hair color looks will help you look younger and flatter every face.

3. Not too long, not too short

Long hair at a certain age is very difficult to maintain and hardens the features of the face. The same thing happens with very short hair. Ideally, find a medium-cut in subtle layers, this will help lift your neck and jaw to create the appearance of a fuller, younger face. 

Find out what shape is your face and what hairstyles are better for it here!

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