OMG! Uses of dry shampoo you might be missing OMG! Uses of dry shampoo you might be missing

OMG! Uses of dry shampoo you might be missing

Dry shampoo has become an ally for many people who chose to change their lifestyles. However, let me tell you there is good news regarding the uses of dry shampoo, an ally in the eco-friendly life. 

People who decided to adopt a new lifestyle that takes care of the planet had to look for new products. And dry shampoo is one of them, becoming a new friend in the bath. Cleaning the hair strands is not its unique function. Here you have some other ways in which you can take advantage of it. 

Dry shampoo can replace hairspray sometimes.

Dry shampoo can be your new hairspray. Well, for a few days maybe. There's no problem if you have run out of hairspray. You can solve that situation using dry shampoo. It will have a similar effect and won't let your hair sticky. 

In a similar way, you can also add some dry shampoo on your hair roots and also on the ends to get more volume. Remember to apply it in different layers of your hair. This will also contribute to keeping curls in their place. For better results, you can give hair a touch of a hairdryer. Apply some dry shampoo on your fringe will also avoid frizz and an oily prevent it from getting oily.

You can apply dry shampoo to your fringe too.

No time? No problem. If you are rushing and notice that your hair is a little bit sweaty, you will be grateful for having bought dry shampoo. This product absorbs oil, so you can spread some of it over the area you want to improve. Just observe how the dirt lifts away. 

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