Not a bath person? Make your own aromatic shower melts with only 3 ingredients

We keep reading about the healing properties of a good bath, filled with essential oils and salts. But what if you don't like taking baths, or your doctor has recommended to avoid them, or you simply don't have one?

Worry not! You can still take full advantage of aromatherapy in the shower. Making these melts will take little time and you can make a large badge to use as required.

What you need:

Shower melts are a great alternative to bath bombs

How to make shower melts:

1. In a bowl, mix the baking soda with a little water until the mixture resembles wet sand.

2. Place the mixture into small molds (can be pastry tins, silicone ice cube trays or tins you saved from tea lights)

3. Allow to dry completely or bake at 175C (350F) to speed up the process.

4. Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to each cube.

Optional: At this point, you can top each cube with dried flowers or herbs to decorate

Store in an airtight jar and use as required. Just toss a cube into the shower and enjoy the aromatic steam!

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