No more irritation after shaving!

Most men have experienced an irritated skin after shaving. But you don´t have to go through that anymore. Here we tell you  what to do.

The burning or stinging that you have after shaving can be caused by many factors. Perhaps the most common is having sensitive skin, but it is not the only one. One other reason for irritated skin after shaving may be due to dry shaving. This practice is very common for some men that are in a hurry or in a place where there is no water or they do not have the appropriate instruments to perform an optimal shave.

Man shaving: how to avoid irritation

When you shave dry, the irritation usually manifests itself within minutes of shaving. In addition, it is one of the worst irritations caused by shaving. The area turns red and appears as a kind of rash. If you have no choice but to shave dry, you should know that you can prevent irritation caused by this type of shaving. To do this, what you should do is always use shaving cream. Shaving creams contain lubricants that protect the skin and also help the razor to glide much easier on the skin.

A shaving cream may solve your problems when you have no other option but to shave dry.

In case you don't know, shaving foam hydrates the hair, and when it is hydrated what it does is that it softens and allows the razor to slide without so much difficulty so that shaving is much less aggressive.

Another cause of skin irritation after shaving is that too much pressure has been put on the area. Keep in mind that facial skin is sensitive, so you will have to be careful when shaving to avoid irritation. Make sure the strokes are light and the razor takes care of everything but gently, you don't want your face to look like a poem after shaving.

Use the razor gently to prevent irriatation in sensitive skins.

How to prevent irritation

There are a few tricks you should know about.

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