Hollywood dyes its hair pink: Ombré pink is the latest trend for your hair

New trend: the pastel hair color taking over Hollywood

Pastel pink hair color triumphs among celebrities and influencers during the lockdown. From  Sarah Michelle Geller to Suki Waterhouse and Jennifer Love Hewitt, the 'quarancolor' trend took over Hollywood this Spring. From the Rose gold to more striking shades, pink is in fashion and favors it a lot.

Ombré in French means 'two-tone' and consists of gradually lightening hair, from the darkest shade at the roots to the lightest shade at the ends.

This technique is perfect for any type of hair and can be done in any shade: from the most common blonde to pink and other fantasy colors like orange and blue.

How do I achieve it?

If you want to bet on Ombré pink we recommend you visit your trusted hairdresser.

To achieve a long-lasting and professional result, a professional hairdresser will most likely discolor your hair first and then apply the dye in question.

You will have to take great care of your hair

But if you want to try something lighter first, you can opt for a non-permanent coloring that goes away after a couple of washes.

For this second option, keep in mind that if your natural color is dark, the shade will be barely noticeable. 

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