Natural Korean face masks: 3 easy recipes to make at home

These beauty masks help reduce blemishes and combat acne, leaving the face brighter.

The K-Beauty is becoming more popular by the hour. The world of Korean beauty has come to the West so that we can get to know that unique mixture that is so typical of this country: the union of the modern and the ancient traditions. Korean cosmetics, like face masks, have evolved to such an extent that they are a precious object beyond their borders. For Koreans, showing healthy and smooth skin is synonymous with good health, which is why they dedicate time and effort to facial care.

Korean masks

Removing blackheads, reducing blemishes and wrinkles, fighting acne, and smoothing the skin are some of the goals that homemade Korean face masks can help meet. In either case, apply them to clean skin.

Rice water to whiten and reduce acne:

Thinking of cooking rice? Take the opportunity to create your own natural mask. Before cooking, rinse the rice in a plastic container. Do this two or three times and save the water from the last rinse. With this rice water, you clean the face three or four times. Finally, rinse with a little water. This homemade Korean mask works to reduce blemishes, making the complexion look brighter and brighter. It also helps reduce acne.

Used Rice water to make your own face mask

Green tea for the face:

Another product that Koreans use to improve their faces is green tea. You just have to prepare a green tea, wait until it is warm and rinse your face a few times with the tea. Then clean with water. By releasing impurities from the face, it lightens the skin and closes the pores.

Green tea for the face

Korean flour mask to lighten the complexion:

Flour is not such an obvious product when we think of face masks, but Korean women use it to care for their skin. Mix a little flour in a container, then add a little milk and a little honey, until you form a paste. You run it over your face and let it act for about 15 minutes. With this mask, it is possible to lighten the skin, as it reduces fat and removes dead skin.

Flour mask

A single application helps, but for visible results, we recommend doing them regularly. Rice water and green tea masks can be applied daily, white flour, milk, and honey masks are recommended two to three times a week.

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