Natural Botox: try facial cupping and give your face an instant lift Natural Botox: try facial cupping and give your face an instant lift

Natural Botox: try facial cupping and give your face an instant lift

This practice has become very popular and many celebrities include it in her skincare routine to look radiant. What is facial cupping? What are the benefits? Find the answers here!

What is facial cupping?

Cupping is an ancient and alternative therapy done on your face or body that uses suction cups. It can be done in the whole body and it is a very popular therapy for the face. In facial cupping, small suction cups are placed on your facial skin and then glided over your entire face. 

Facial cupping is a very popular therapy for the face. // Photo by CIINmagazine

What are the benefits of facial cupping?

  1. Helps stimulate your skin and muscles 
  2. Promotes increased blood circulation which may help promote cell repair. These cells are responsible for collagen production
  3. Detoxifies the skin
  4. Helps produce a smoother face
  5. Reduce fine lines, eye puffiness, and dark circles
  6. Eases headaches
  7. Regulates oil production
  8. According to experts, It is also said to help with bruxism
Facial cupping helps stimulate your skin and muscles // Photo by

How is the procedure?

This procedure is usually done by a dermatologist or a specialist in many beauty salons. To start, many different-size cups are used. The smaller are used for detail work around the nose and eye while the larger is used on the cheeks and forehead. Once the cups are placed in your face, the specialist will start moving them doing a circular pattern which may feel like a massage. At the beginning of the therapy, you may experience a strange feeling as if your skin is being pulled from your skull, but actually, that is not too bad; in fact, it is quite relaxing once you get used to the feeling.

What is the aftercare of facial cupping?

After this therapy, it is important to drink lots of water to drain out excess toxins, fats, and excess water. It is recommended to drink at least two glasses of water with every meal the two days after. Moreover, make sure you avoid caffeine, alcohol, and salty food.

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